28.06.2019: Stavroula Baloka presents Hatari Group

The newly formed Hatari Group was created in 2017 by A. Zupa, M. Tasagari, G. Kapiniaris, F. Mpenou, V. Papachristou and G. Zafeiriou, mainly sparked by the desire of its members for collaboration and cooperation on theatrical research and stage acting.

Haiti, a performance about history, is the first play by the group, a research on history and memory. In the construction of the performance, the group chose the form of the question as its main and exclusive tool, wishing to examine its boundaries and its performing dynamics, as well as to concentrate on the fundamental importance of the doubt and the research surrounding historical events, but also on those events that are happening around us today.

The word “Hatari”, which means “threat” in Swahili, reflects the creative risk of research in theatrical practice (“Could a performance stand if it consists only of questions?”), as well as the vulnerable but exciting process of artistic collaborations.

Marios Tsagaris graduated from the F.Nakas Conservatory ( department of film scoring) and the Conservatory of the Athens Music Society (Composition and Upper Theoretical). He has composed works for solo instruments, ensembles, and electronic music. He has collaborated with theatrical groups in the musical composition but also as a director and performer. He is a self-taught script writer and has written scripts for short and full-length films. He is an active member of the electronic music duo “Unsample”, while in the past he has been a member of the rock band “Epomeni kinisi” and  Ypogeia Revmata”

Alkis Zoupas  graduated from the Drama School “Dilos” (2010). He has collaborated with theatrical groups as an actor. He has also dealt with theatrical writing. In the cinema he has participated in long and short films.

Georgos Kapiniaris graduated from the Drama School “Dilos” (2010) and works as an actor in theater and cinema.

Valia Papachristou graduated from the National School of Dance with master degree (Advanced Performance Studies)  at the Laban Center in London, a professional dancer with long standing experience, a choreographer and an actor/performer with collaborations with renowned Greek artists.

Feni Mpenou is an actor,  graduated from the Drama School “Dilos” with roles in cinema and theater. At the theater she has also worked as assistant director and as assistant producer.

Georgos Zafeiriou is a photographer and photography teacher, with works in solo and group exhibitions, installations since 1991 and collaborations with theater, dance and performing arts groups, experience in the creation of audiovisual material and lighting design. With his short films he has taken part in festivals in Greece and abroad.