Danae Christoudi & Maximos Dimitras present Alexandros Mistriotis

Alexandros Mistriotis was born in the Canadian capital of Ottawa on 17 August 1973. Having been raised in Athens, he moved to France where he studied at ESBAM (the Higher School of Fine Arts of Marseille). His artistic profile is somewhat elusive, with his work consistently oscillating between text and image, presence and representation, rigour and abstraction. The representation of his texts is part of his research project on the  Théâtre de la Quiétude, while some of his texts themselves are part of his research on contemporary oral communication and remain therefore unpublished.

The question of identity – Greek identity, European identity and the relationship between them – is at the heart of his problematic and work, developed through two basic tools: History on the one hand and Poetry on the another. This verse of Poetry and History forms the/the artist’s peculiar, personal language and creates an artistic universe that illuminates  a series of political and social issues of modern reality in an original way. A universe that continues and negotiates issues that might otherwise appear incoherent with each other, from the minimal thrills of everyday life to the formation of modern cities.

A second feature of Mistriotis’ work is the way in which he seeks and builds his relationship with the viewer, relying on the presence of the artist and the direct, stripped address to the viewer. It thus organizes a personal relationship between the artist and the viewer, almost as if it were a confession.