The message of the Association of Asia Minor of Eleusis

The Eleusis Asia Minor Association was founded in 1932 by the Greeks living in Asia Minor who arrived in Eleusis as refugees, after the Asia Minor Catastrophe in 1922. Many of them came in Eleusis because of the population exchange in 1923-24. Until 2002, the Association was named “Association for the Protection of the Rights of the Refugees of Eleusis”. Now, that there is no longer reason for defending our rights as refugees, it has been renamed into the “Eleusis Asia Minor Association”. The aim of the Association is to preserve and spread the cultural heritage of Asia Minor Hellenism and also to preserve the memory of the people, the places, the habits and customs from the unforgettable homelands of our ancestors.

In order to achieve its goals, the Association organizes cultural events, of educational and recreational content, while since December 15, 2013, it runs its own Museum of History and Folklore of the Eleusis Asia Minor Association. It is a refugee residence, which has been repaired and remains exactly as it was during the late 1920’s. Furthermore, it is considered itself a museum exhibit and it houses the heirlooms from the unforgettable homelands of our ancestors. It also contributes to the preservation of the traces of the past in the current buildings of our city, constituting a vision of the Association that, after many years of efforts, came to fruition.

The Association co-organizes the Synikismos Festival in the neighborhood of Synikismos for the second  time continuing, this way, our collaboration with Eleusis 2021 Cultural Capital of Europe. Through the events of this year’s program, we invite all guests to learn about the origins, heritage and history of our grandparents, who came to Eleusis as refugees in 1922, abandoning their ancestral homes, uprooted from their places in Asia Minor.

Georgia Giatzoglou-Antoniadou

President of Eleusis Asia Minor Association