Synikismos Festival 2019 // Eleusis 2021 / European Capital of Culture, photo credit: Pantelis Ladas, LDS Productions, Eleusis 2021

Critique Workshop

Τhe Critique Laboratory is created by the theatrologist , Dyo Kangelari, in the framework of the Synikismos Festival. The aim of the workshop is the introduction to the theory and language of performing arts critique, and the cultivation of the art of the spectator. At the same time, the workshop will encourage critical thinking and reflection on the artistic process. Participants are invited to articulate critical thoughts about the Festival’s performances, through lessons and practical exercises, during the daily meetings and via participation in public discussions.

Taught by: Dyo Kangelari, Assistant Professor at the School of Drama of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, founding member of the Hellenic Association of Theatre and Performing Arts Critics, and Zoe Ververopoulou, theatre critic, Assistant Professor at the Department of Journalism and Mass Media Studies, on the theory and critique of the arts of speech and spectacle. Distinguished theatre professionals, theoreticians, art critics and journalists are also invited to contribute in the learning process.

At the same time, the laboratory is the object of the multimedia installation-exhibition “Critique Laboratory”, by Evanthia Tsantila. Tsantila’s videos narrate the feelings and thoughts that both the students of the laboratory and the residents of the neighbourhood expressed about the performances, through various actions. At the end of this meeting, along with the screening of the videos, the theatre critiques will be presented in a lecture and a series of photographic reproductions.

The goal of this synchronous strategy is for participants to think and experiment on the aesthetic process and the role of critique, the impact of the artistic work on the individual and the collective level and its relation to the cultural field. We are interested in taking advantage of the extremely interesting elements that will emerge through research and artistic and social osmosis.

Curation-scientific consultancy: Dyo Kangelari

Coordination: Tasos Aggelopoulos

Production: Eleusis 2021 and PAPALANGKI Theatre Company

Dates: June 22 to 30 2019

Venue: Info-point, 3rd Elementary School of Eleusis

Address: 85 Dardanellion Str.  


Curation: Evanthia Tsantila

Dates: June  22 to 30, 2019

Exhibition Duration: July 1 to 31, 2019

Venue: Info-point, 3rd Elementary School of Eleusis

Address: 85 Dardanellion Str.