Educational Programme for children

The workshops that will take place in the context of Synikismos Festival will be implemented in collaboration with the Museum of Asia Minor Refugees in Eleusis. Their aim is to engage children in art and history, as tools for knowledge, learning, research and entertainment.

The first contact with the museum’s exhibits is followed by targeted creative and educational games, specially designed for our little friends. After a guided tour in the museum, children are invited to participate in activities, in order to discover the history and the use of different objects, through role playing games and games of knowledge.

Through their own fantastic stories of objects, pantomime and improvisation, participatory painting and other activities, they learn the history of the neighbourhood and the museum and they leave their personal footprint at the Synikismos Festival.

The educational programme aims to activate the children’s critical thinking and means of expression in a creative and pleasant way, emphasizing both individual participation and teamwork.

Design, pedagogical supervision and implementation:

Stella Pateli
Angeliki Kagiavi

Dates and hours:

Monday 24 and Tuesday 25 June 2019, 10: 00-12: 00
Wednesday 26, Thursday 27, Friday 28, 17: 00-19: 00

Venue: Eleusis Museum of Asia Minor

Address: 13 Lampsakou str.

Ages: 9-12

Book your (free-of-charge) entry ticket by calling Yannis Koukmas at 2105547646 or 6956023573. Alternatively, you may send an email at [email protected], by mentioning the child’s name, age and the desired date of participation.