Haiti, a performance about Ηistory

Does the past matter? Is there one History or Many? How did the first people who ever wrote something, learn to read, in order to know what they were writing? When a nation grows, does it necessarily rebel and become a State? Do societies have “dirty laundry”? What is your family’s opinion about the civil war? Are dominoes properly set, just to fall? Is it possible for something you don’t know to define you? Could a performance stand, if it consists only of questions?

The Hatari team presents the performance of Haiti, a performance about history. The History of the Modern Greek state is presented through 255 questions that refer to its course over the centuries, the relationship of the present age with the past and our position within the “endless river of time”. With the question as its main and exclusive tool, Modern Greek History becomes a field of reflection, research and play, but also a point of contradiction between the past and the unhistorical and “flat” present.

The history of the Greek State began its journey with the warm wishes for liberation that it received from Haiti—the first country to officially recognize the Greek Revolution of 1821. Haiti, an independent, but very poor state, could not financially support the revolution of the Greek nation. Nevertheless, the state of Haiti sent 45 tons of coffee for the Greeks to sell, in order for the latter to buy guns and munitions, as well as 100 Haitian volunteers, who all died during their journey to Greece.

Conception-Direction-Script: Marios Tsagaris, Alkis Zoupas

Αctors: Georgos Kapiniaris, Alkis Zoupas

Αssistant Director: Feni Mpenou

Movement: Valia Papachristou

Light Design – Video – Photography: Georgos Zafeiriou

Original Music – Sound Design: Marios Tsagaris

Poster Design: Constantinos Sellas

Production: Hatari, Group7

Duration: 60΄

Days and Hours:

Thursday 27, Friday 28 and Sunday 30 June 2019, 21:30-22:30

Venue: info-point, 3rd Elementary School

Address: 85 Dardanellion str.

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